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Let’s Meet Face-to-Face and Actually 
Get Down to the Nitty Gritty of How to Do Social Media 
For Your Business!
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Friday 28th April 2017

@ 9:00AM @ Icon Place
L4 / 270 Adelaide St, Brisbane

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Join other Australian female entrepreneurs getting social media sorted!

Ella Doyle

Social Media Superstar
your Social Media 101 Hostess ;-)
Thinking about joining me at Social Media 101?
Check out what these entrepreneurs have said about working together on their Social Media...
"I never quite got how to do Instagram, despite reading article after article. So I engaged Ella to provide me with training. It has been the best training that I have invested in. Not only did Ella educate me on what Instagram is and the role it plays, but she taught me about style and content ideas for my business. I highly recommend Ella for social media training."
"As a start-up I have had the opportunity to engage Social Cut to educate me in social media for my business. I had previously used Facebook personally (on a basic level) and had an Instagram account but didn't know how to use it. I now have the confidence and ability to use social media to grow my business. Thanks to Ella's guidance and easy to follow instruction food.prescription's Instagram account now has over to 2,000 followers (in just 6 short months). I am looking forward to continuing my association with Social Cut and watching my business grow."
"As a writer and creative - with my first book launch looming - I needed a serious, social media strategy. I got it and then some, thanks to Ella of Social Cut. I had a superficial knowledge of Facebook and Instagram but let my accounts languish, unable to 'figure it all out'. I didn't have the energy or inclination ... it ended up in the 'too hard basket'. Ella was able to de-mystify the process and, reignited my enthusiasm and confidence. I've learnt so much about Instagram that I've gone from 20 followers to an active, engaged audience of over 1000 in a few months. Ella is a social media maven! She has the rare gift of being able to explain steps in an easy, relaxed and accessible style. I highly recommend Ella if you want to harness the power of social media for success - personal and business."
 WAIT! So, What Are These SOCIAL MEDIA 101 Workshops All About...
And What Do We Actually Do in our 4 Hours Together?
You will learn something new about social media and HOW to actually apply is to your business. We'll be doing some BS-Free-Crap-Cutting stuff.
If you don't learn something new you won't be charged a cent!

Build & Launch Practical Strategies
Throughout the event we cover some of the most important Social Media strategies for business.

 We look at Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, How to Build your Brand on Social Media and How to use the Right Platform for your Business.
Let's Be Real
No Doubt you've been targeted by Facebook ads in the past that promise you the world but deliver sweet FA (*guilty*) - you walk away feeling like you've wasted time and money for no reason...This isn't one of those events. I'm Real, You're Real, So let's actually be REAL together!
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